-What is Ways2Escape?

Ways2Escape is a Travel & Leisure Company that specializes in themed group travel. We escort you on group travel experiences that have been planned based on a specific theme. We call these Escapes. Ways2Escape is owned and operated by two female travel enthusiasts who have a passion for travel. Our mission in life is to see all of the beautiful places in the world that God has created. We would like to share those experiences with you!

-Why Should YOU travel with Ways2Escape?

As a result of escaping with us, you'll experience the following:

Fun! - Who wants to pay money to go on a dull vacation? No one! Your Ways2Escape Hosts/Travel Designers are witty and outgoing! We love planning and being on the go – that’s what makes us Happy!  Give us a try, you will have fun, you'll see!

An Experience! - Ever been on a trip where you go, but then no idea what to do when you get there? You’ve just wasted time...Bummer! Our job is to make sure you actually experience your destination. You’ll have a complete itinerary before you go. We plan from A to Z, so all you have to do is show up! Now, isn’t that convenient? Whether you come alone or with others, there's always an opportunity to meet new people ~ that's what's great about groups! 

Safety! – Ever wanted to explore a particular area, but didn’t want to do it alone? Well, there is safety in numbers, so when you are with a group, you can feel comforted and knowing others are with you!

Passion! - Ways2Escape was birthed out of a mutual LOVE for travel. We all have been blessed with the gift of living in such a beautifully created place. We started Ways2Escape out of sheer passion for travel and travel planning. We desire to EXPERIENCE the world and we’d love for you to come be a part of our family!

Outstanding Customer Service! – We pride ourselves on offering a high level of customer service. We are dedicated to serving you!

-Where is Ways2Escape located?

Ways2Escape is a home-based travel business in the Hampton Roads area with a presence on the web. We have the most accommodating hours - 24/7! 

-When do we operate?

We offer our group trips throughout the year. We are constantly researching and planning for the next Escape Route.

-How do we do what we do?

Our travel is planned based on extensive research on the web along with suggestions from our clients. We are proud affiliates of CCRA, so we have several years of experience in the travel industry and a wealth of knowledge backing us.